What should I expect upon arrival at Pink-A-Blue?

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork and pay for your apt. You will then be shown to a comfy, kid friendly waiting room until it is time for your Pink-A-Blue. The technician will call you into a Theater Viewing Pink-A-Blue room at your scheduled apt. time. You and your family will enjoy seeing your bundle of joy in panoramic view on THREE separate flat screen TVs!! Your entire experience at Pink-A-Blue will always be comfortable and professional.

Where is your Facility Located?

Pink-A-Blue is conveniently located in Mandeville, LA. We are a short drive from New Orleans and anywhere on the Northshore!  (Click for Directions)

Can I bring snacks or use my cell phone while at Pink-A-Blue?

In order to keep our facility in superb condition for you and any future customers we do not allow and food or drinks anywhere inside our facility. Furthermore Pink-A-Blue is a smoke-free facility, so please do not smoke within 25 feet of our entrance, or enter immediately after smoking.

At Pink-A-Blue we invite you to use your cell phone or tablet to FaceTime your loved ones during your appointment!

Will I be able to see if my baby has hair during my 4D/HDLive ultrasound?

Yes and No, many parents and grandparents wonder if they will be able to see the baby’s hair during their ultrasound. Unfortunately 4D/HDLive ultrasound technology cannot see any hair on the baby, however standard 2d (black and white) ultrasound can usually pick up strands of hair! Be sure to ask your medically trained and certified technician to check and see if your baby has any hair!

If I am overweight or obese will I be able to get clear pictures?

If you are overweight you should not be afraid to have a 4D ultrasound, however we strongly urge that you wait until after 32 weeks gestation to give the baby time to obtain more fat. If you are overweight you will need to have a VERY high level of amniotic fluid to obtain clear images of the baby. If you drink the recommend amount of water in the weeks leading up to your appointment there is no reason you should not be able to obtain great images!

How long is my ultrasound going to last?

If you are having a 4D ultrasound, your Pink-A-Blue will usually last 20-25 minutes, however from time to time babies need a little time to get in the mood to be photographed and in this case your ultrasound can take up to 45 minutes.

If you are having a gender determination ultrasound, your Pink-A-Blue will last between 10 and 20 minutes. We will always book more time just in case your baby is camera shy.

To ensure you receive the maximum viewing time please do not be late to your scheduled appointment, if you are late and your baby is uncooperative we may not have time to get the baby to adjust into a favorable position.

How long will I have to wait for my pictures?

You will leave with all the pictures, CD’s, and DVD’s that are included in your package. Depending on which package you choose it will take between 5 and 15 minutes to print all your items after your ultrasound is complete.

Can I bring my family and friends? What about kids?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share this amazing experience with family and friends. Pink-A-Blue has made every effort to provide a very comfortable atmosphere. You can have 12 people comfortably in the room with you, and if you have more than 12 they they are also welcome to join the fun! We don’t have a limit, but please be aware that you may all get crowded if you have 20 or more guests.

We have no problem with kids! After all, isn’t that what pregnancy is all about?! From time to time children are afraid of the dark ultrasound room, or seeing mommy on the bed. If this is the case with your child and he or she is crying please don’t feel they have to leave the room, our technicians have children too, and are used to hearing them cry.

Can you tell me the sex of my baby? What if I don’t want to find out the gender?

Of course! Pink-A-Blue Ultrasound is one of the only facilities who can offer gender determination as early as 13 weeks pregnant with incomparable accuracy. We are truly experts at determining the gender of your baby, so if that is what you are looking for, then look no more.

If you do not wish to know the sex of your baby please do not be afraid to still have a 4D ultrasound. Our technicians are highly trained, and know exactly which body part they are viewing at all times. If you inform the technician that you wish to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, they will not scan near the baby’s genitals. We have NEVER accidentally revealed a baby’s gender during a Pink-A-Blue since 2007!

Over the past few years Gender Reveal Parties are becoming more and more popular, and Pink-A-Blue is happy to help out! When you schedule your appointment, please let the receptionist know what your gender reveal plans are. When you have your ultrasound performed our technician will let you view your baby almost the entire time while she discreetly determines the gender and seals the verdict in an envelope. Then we can call your bakery or anyone you would like to inform them the gender of the baby so they can plan your event!!! We will also be happy to help out with any other special requests you have.

What can I do to ensure the best pictures of my baby?

The most important thing you can do to ensure good pictures is to drink plenty of water (minimum of one gallon per day) in the days and weeks leading up to your scan! The more hydrated you are, the clearer the pictures will be! By drinking plenty of water you can increase the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Unlike standard 2D ultrasound (black and white) 4D/HDLive ultrasound requires a significant amount of Amniotic Fluid in order to see the baby with great clarity. Without an ample amount of fluid you WILL NOT get good pictures of your baby. We understand this seems like a lot of water and a bit impossible, but it is the best thing you can do, and a sacrifice most moms are willing to make in order to obtain beautiful images. Other things that will effect the clarity of your images is the baby’s position, position of the placenta, and size of the mommy.

You can also try to pay attention to what wakes your baby up, and do that on the day of your Pink-A-Blue; for some moms this means eating a meal, for others it means having some fruit juice! Do whatever works for you and your baby so we can see him/her awake and in the mood to play! When babies sleep, they sometimes tend to roll over and face moms back, or bottom, and we cannot see their cute little faces. As long as we can see the baby’s face, the baby can continue sleeping.

We have observed at times even when parents are seeing beautiful pictures of the babies face, they are still hoping for more, such as seeing the baby awake and moving. Pink-A-Blue encourages you to try not to have this attitude because you may regret not enjoying this special time with you and your baby. We urge you to enjoy the fun and some of the funny positions your baby prefers rather than holding out for the perfect glamour shot. Remember most unborn babies sleep between 20 and 22 hours a day, so it is unlikely that your baby will be awake during your Pink-A-Blue. Even though he/she is sleeping, the baby may still yawn, stretch, suck its thumb or toe, and even stick its tongue out!