Can you tell me the sex of my baby? What if I don’t want to find out the gender?

Of course! Pink-A-Blue Ultrasound is one of the only facilities who can offer gender determination as early as 13 weeks pregnant with incomparable accuracy. We are truly experts at determining the gender of your baby, so if that is what you are looking for, then look no more.

If you do not wish to know the sex of your baby please do not be afraid to still have a 4D ultrasound. Our technicians are highly trained, and know exactly which body part they are viewing at all times. If you inform the technician that you wish to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, they will not scan near the baby’s genitals. We have NEVER accidentally revealed a baby’s gender during a Pink-A-Blue since 2007!

Over the past few years Gender Reveal Parties are becoming more and more popular, and Pink-A-Blue is happy to help out! When you schedule your appointment, please let the receptionist know what your gender reveal plans are. When you have your ultrasound performed our technician will let you view your baby almost the entire time while she discreetly determines the gender and seals the verdict in an envelope. Then we can call your bakery or anyone you would like to inform them the gender of the baby so they can plan your event!!! We will also be happy to help out with any other special requests you have.