Why is it important that the technician performing my 4D ultrasound be Medically Certified?

Good Question! First of all you need to understand that being Medically Certified means that the technician went to Diagnostic Medical Sonography school and has obtained a Certification allowing them to perform ultrasounds of any kind. In order to work in a Hospital or Doctor office an Ultrasound Technician must be have completed Sonography School. ALL of the ultrasound technicians at Pink-A-Blue have been to school for Ultrasound! This is extremely important because ultrasound school is where technicians learn the medical aspect of what they are doing, and allows them to diagnose problems when observed during your scan. While having a 4D Ultrasound should not be considered Diagnostic in nature, if something were to be noticeably wrong with your baby, you can rest assured Pink-A-Blue technicians have and will alert your OB/GYN of any problem they see! Some facilities have one Medically Certified technician on their staff so they can claim to have “experienced sonographers,” but they are not telling you the person doing your ultrasound may not be an ultrasound tech at all…they might not have ever been to school for ultrasound, or know anything about diagnostic ultrasound. This should be the most important thing to you when trying to decide where to have your 4D ultrasound preformed please ask when scheduling your appointment if ultrasound will be performed by a trained medical professional, or someone who learned on the job? Your OB/GYN is licensed, shouldn’t your sonographer be?