Do I need to have a full bladder for my ultrasound? How long should I hold it?

Yes, we do require that all moms have a least a semi full bladder for their Pink-A-Blue. This helps hold the baby outside your pelvis, and makes it easier to visualize. It is best to empty your bladder NO LESS THAN 15 minutes prior to your Pink-A-Blue appointment time. (For example, if your Pink-A-Blue is at 2:00pm, then you can use the restroom at 1:45pm….but not any time after that) If you need to arrive 15 minutes early so you can empty your bladder, or stop somewhere on your way to empty. It’s always best to begin your ultrasound with a full bladder and the technician will let you empty it if she sees it’s necessary.

How early should I arrive to Pink-A-Blue? What happens if I am late?

You should arrive to Pink-A-Blue five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. The appointment time we give you is the start time of your Pink-A-Blue, therefore all paperwork and payments should take place a few minutes before this time. Your ultrasound will begin at the time your appointment is scheduled, so please arrive on time to ensure maximum viewing time allotted.

If you are late this will most likely result in your Pink-A-Blue being cut short, and if you miss the entire appointment time we have allotted for your Pink-A-Blue you will most likely have to reschedule. As we schedule all appointments back to back, and we promise each mom that her appointment will begin on time. Pink-A-Blue is very generous with how much time you receive for your appointment so please make every attempt to not be late.

What should I wear to my ultrasound? What if I have piercings on my belly?

You may wear whatever you like, however Pink-A-Blue recommends that you NOT wear your regular jeans that button and zip. Not only do regular jeans make it harder to visualize the pelvic area because they are tight, but the button and zipper on regular jeans may pose a threat to the special 4D probe. Maternity Pants with a belly band are perfect, or you are welcome to wear a dress or skirt and we will be happy to provide you with a sheet to cover your legs and bottom.

If you have a belly ring, you will have to remove it prior to your Pink-A-Blue; 4D/HD ultrasound probes are specially designed with crystals and should never come into contact with metal. If you have dermal piercings that cannot be removed Pink-A-Blue will NOT be able to perform your ultrasound until you have them removed surgically.