Why do some Facilities advertise they will get me better pictures if we did not get good pictures elsewhere?

We cannot speak for other facilities or their advertisements, but we can tell you that Pink-A-Blue customers are always overwhelmingly satisfied, and return to Pink-A-Blue for each subsequent pregnancy.

While scheduling your appointment, we always provide detailed instructions during our phone conversation about what you can do to achieve great pictures. When all instructions are followed we see incomparable results. However not everyone chooses to follow instructions and they may not get the best images of their baby.

Every 3 years Pink-A-Blue upgrades equipment to the latest brand new State of the art ultrasound machine, so we will ALWAYS obtain the best possible images of your baby! Pink-A-Blue also only staffs MEDICALLY CERTIFIED ultrasound technicians to perform your ultrasound, and that is why we can offer you much more than other facilities of our kind. At Pink-A-Blue you will not only see what your baby looks like, but you will also find out how much he/she weighs, if the baby has hair, what the heart rate is, and what position your baby is in…These are only a few examples of what you can expect from us! Don’t be fooled by false advertisement and promises, Pink-A-Blue remains to be the best in the industry since 2007…just ask thousands of our satisfied customers!