What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D & HDLive ultrasound? What will I view at my Pink-A-Blue?

2D or 2 Dimensional ultrasound is standard black and white ultrasound like they use at your Dr’s office. With 2D ultrasound you will see the baby’s organs and skeletal system. This is very useful for measurements, heart beat, and to detect abnormalities.

3D or 3 Dimensional ultrasound redirects the sound waves as to show the surface of an object, in our case the surface of your baby! So you will be able to see the baby from the outside instead of its bones.

4D or 4 Dimensional ultrasound is when you are using 3D in Real Time, meaning you are viewing the baby live as they are occurring in the womb. So you will be able to visualize facial expressions, yawns, crying, sucking the thumb or toe, and much more.

HDLive is High Definition 4d!!!! HDLive is unlike anything you have seen in the prenatal imaging industry, and Pink-A-Blue is proud to be the first to make this amazing technology available to you at no additional cost!

At Pink-A-Blue we use both 2D and 4D & HD ultrasound. Our gender determinations will be done primarily in 2D with a Quick Peek of 4D/HD; and our 4D/HD ultrasound will only use 2D briefly to position the 4D/HD and measure your baby, therefore your Pink-A-Blue will be primarily in 4D/HD Real Time.